Thursday, May 21, 2009


Not many things make me feel sick but I can never read an article on baby Peter without feeling sick to my stomach and wanting to inflict world of pain on those who did it.  I have a son of the same age and I guess that's why it gets to me.  

If someone did this to little Bri the law better act fast or I would happily take a long time killing these people.

Well the British legal system now has it's chance to prove it works.  For me no amount of time in jail would be long enough.  However, I feel anything less than 10 - 15 years before parole would be a travesty.  Let's see!

A Great Day

This is a great day for the Gurkhas and the British people.  These guys have served us for 200 years and are now getting what they deserve UK citizenship.  

How many of us who gained citizenship as a birthright have done as much as these men to deserve it.  

The Next Fight

We need to bring the pay and pension up for all soldiers as it is crap but before we do that we need to bring the Gurkhas up to that shit level.   The pension was the main reason I left as I could not see myself struggling to get by from the age of 40 with no transferable skills.

A guy who joined the infantry with me in 1986 would of served in Northern Ireland, Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.  After 22 years of traveling from one shit hole trouble spot in the world to another he would be let go and on the dole.  He would have 15 years to get buy until his pension kicked in.  I've seen these guys driving taxis and other shit jobs.  They'll retrain you as a HGV (Truck) driver, another shit job where you are away from your family for extended periods.

Where is the UK's version of the GI bill.  Give these guys a free education and the chance of a great future.  Admittedly, Some squaddies have trouble licking the sticky side of the stamp but some are very intelligent but would not consider this path unless it was opened up to them.  I would never of thought of is until Stu led me down this path.  Now I make more than the general that led me.

For me heading to my 40th birthday it is mission accomplished.  In 1991 I made the decision to leave the army so I could have a future beyond the age of 40.  Through some good decisions and lots of luck I've done that and more than I could wished for.  However, I should not of had to leave the army to accomplish this.

A Yorkshire Man on top of the world

Congratulations to Steve Peat on winning more World Cup Downhill races than anyone else ever.

Or here in America he's the winningest World cup racer ever.  To beat Nicolas Vouiloz is a big deal and he has now put himself up there with the greats of the sport.

Let's hope he now goes on to have that season that injury and accident have denied him over the years.  We want the World Cup and the World Championship back to Yorkshire.

Football and cricket are letting us down so lets adopt Mountain biking as the new Yorkshire passion.

(English by birth, Yorkshire by the grace of God)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Just got this one on twitter from Shedfire and love it.

Perverts getting off lightly

I read the article that Stu refers to here the other day and found it disgusting also.  The pervert was getting his sentence reduced because of his human rights.  He is now going to get less than a year for each time he got a daughter pregnant.  I say he forfeited his rights the moment he started shagging his children.

Personally I'd like to get all medieval on these people but society wouldn't stand for it.  The iron lady or the rack may be a bit of a deterrent.  If not it would make me feel better.

As a compromise he should be getting for one offence and multiplying that by the total number of offences.  A first time pervert getting his daughter pregnant one would probably get something minimal like 5 years.  Multiply that by 19 and he's off away for 95 years, that should just about do it.

It should be general population also.  You caused someone else to live in fear you should do the same yourself.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Scouts go extreme

Just knowing your knots won't cut it now in the scouts Bear Grylls is taking over.  Not just the skinny kid will be eating worms but all of them :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Friday, May 8, 2009

Loosing your roots

It's the end of an era for my home town.  The town of Middlesbrough was built for workers to exploit the steel in the local hills.  It became a leader in the steel industry and one of the worlds great bridge builders.  Our bridges can be found all over the world including a little on over the harbour in Sydney

Today it has been announced that Corus is to close it's plant on Teesside (more).  The steel city has lost it's soul and it's skyline.  The night time skyline that only a local can truly love.  The flames shooting into the air and the lights twinkling like yellow and orange stars.  This is the skyline that inspired Ridley Scotts Bladerunner.

Then there is the jobs.  An industry that used to directly employ 60,000 - 100,000 men in it's hay day now employs 2,000 and is about to employ none.  

This for a region that has in real terms only not been in the grips of recession for the last 10 years since the mid seventies.

Hopefully the effects won't be as bad as last time industry was decimated on Teesside.  If not the local kids will be stitching footballs for nike.

Good look to all the boys who are now looking for another cushy number to earn their living at.

RIP Steel City.

Monday, May 4, 2009