Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Perverts getting off lightly

I read the article that Stu refers to here the other day and found it disgusting also.  The pervert was getting his sentence reduced because of his human rights.  He is now going to get less than a year for each time he got a daughter pregnant.  I say he forfeited his rights the moment he started shagging his children.

Personally I'd like to get all medieval on these people but society wouldn't stand for it.  The iron lady or the rack may be a bit of a deterrent.  If not it would make me feel better.

As a compromise he should be getting for one offence and multiplying that by the total number of offences.  A first time pervert getting his daughter pregnant one would probably get something minimal like 5 years.  Multiply that by 19 and he's off away for 95 years, that should just about do it.

It should be general population also.  You caused someone else to live in fear you should do the same yourself.

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