Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A site I just love

Yep every now and then I go geek.  This site is one of the best I've seen.  It has a clean look that is pleasant on the eyes.  Also, it's fun putting a smile on your face when you first see it and so engaging you.  Finally, the content is just the right amount as not to overload you and is well laid out.

The latter should be the case as Coleen is a content professional.  I've never worked with content professionals just graphic artist on building sites but from this showing I can definitely see the advantage.

All that needs to be done now is convince clients of that in the domino world.  All to often the developer does the lot and it shows.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Flying Scotsman is back

Graeme Obree the flying Scotsman is back and everyone has the chance to beat him.  They guy who took on the dopers and won so they changed the rules.  His story is inspirational and proves the corruption of the pro circuit.

If you don't know the story check it out here.

Bike Porn

If I rode XTR I'd be in a world of financial pain now.  Bike porn

Development of a bike brand

Shedfire the as yet unnamed bike brand.  Well there has been a sneak peak at the logo but that's it.  The Brand is being built by Brant Richards. the guy responsible for On-One.  

He sold On-One last year and is now designing new bikes and starting a new bike company.  You can follow the development of the bikes on his blog.  The great part about this is you get the reasons for design elements strait from the horses mouth.  If you ask a question on why he has made a design decision he has probably thought of your solution and discounted it.

He's building a bike for him. a ti hard tail designed for big forks.  Also, a women's bike I'm guessing using his wife as a rider template.  They will be in the UK mold of do anything go anywhere last forever bikes that are what most of us really need.  Even though a lot of us get caught up in the light weight Xc bike thing and never race a day on it.

Enjoy the blog I am.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Luckiest man in the world!

Or is he.  To go on a buisness trip and someone drops a nucular bomb on you is unlucky.  To survive it is very lucky.  To return home the next day and for it to get a nucular bomb droped on it is very unlucky.  To survive that one is beyond belife.  To survive to 93 with that amount of radiation is impressive.  More.

They should inspire us all.

These guys show us how we should all live our lives.  Let nothing get you down.  As a wise man one said you are always in shit just the depth varies.

The quote of one amputees getting a running magazine off his mates in hospital made me laugh.  That's army humor.  But for luck there go I.

Got my Legs tore off by some XC Racers

Well last night was my first true cross country ride in a while.  I rode with the guys from Higher Ground Bikes.  A great bunch of guys but fast.  It was less tortoise and hare and more Cheetah and Elephant.  Them on their lightweight XC race sleds, Lycra and clipped in and me on the beast that is my SC Nomad, baggies and flat pedals.

Apart from almost giving myself a heart attack every time the Cheetah stoped the Elephant came rolling up.  I managed to roll into to the finish with the last of the racers.  Admittedly he was a roadie and a young lad but as an almost 40 fat git I'll take that.

A good night all in all and I'll definitely do it next week even if it may kill me :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spiderman to the rescue

I love it Spiderman rescues boy from ledge more.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Little Blue performance pill

How can you tell the dopers at this years tour. They are wearing baggy shorts with a distinct bulge. Yep viagra has now been found to enhance oxygen transfer at altitude. click here.

The post race massage requires a happy ending though :)

Polygamy in Utah

OK so I have enough jobs with one wife so why a guy would want more I don't know. If it was a collection of playboy bunnies I could understand it. Article here.

However, making it illegal seems wrong to me. It's a choice between consenting adults. Forcing it underground only has the same effect as with other things it criminalises otherwise law abiding people and gives a community for undesirables to hide in.

If it was legal and in the open could we not then direct attention to the sickos within the community that are involved in forced marriages and under age marriages. If you validate the marriage as you do for a green card less girls would fall through the cracks. Those who have not validated the marriage could be easily identified and investigated.

Happy Birthday Roger

Sir Roger Bannister the first man to run a mile in under 4 mins is 80 today.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Ours is not to question why, Ours is but to do and Die!

Fucking lock him up.  He took the oath and he should back it up.  A Squadies job is to fight wars that's what we do.

I could understand if he was a infantry grunt and had seen too much shit and was messed up.  He didn't want to kill no more.  He's a helicopter mechanic for fucks sake.

On finding out we were getting sent to the gulf the first time we all thought it was a bullshit war for oil.  We packed our shit, wrote our wills and got pissed.

If your balls have quit on you do the time in jail and move on.

There has never been a war where a soldier has not thought it was wrong.   You get on with it and do your job.  The guy stood next to you needs you to.  He depends on you.

It's not like he was forced to join.

What did you expect everyone was going to spend their days picking daises.

A Bit of Colour

Bar Grip Combo verry 80's

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Snail mail vs Sloth mail

How come I ordered something from the UK on Monday via USPS and it arrived today.  I also orderd something from the US via USPS and it's not here yet.  Both were shipped Monday.  Wierd?

I'm not complaining about USPS though as far as I'm concerend they beat FedEx and UPS.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm an idiot

Well 2 days wasted at work and a load of stress because I'm an idiot.  I've just been through one of those never ending debugging sessions checking CORBA, Applet parameter passing and more System,out statements than I care to remember just to find out a field was not reflecting the new name.  The document I was using in Eclipse was not the same one I was using in Notes.  Why doe the Java API for motes not have doc.hasItem method.

I had a demo so I'll blame that for the brain fart.

Oh well back to work and hopefully catch up.

Monday, March 16, 2009

He's not trying hard enough

His hayday at 27 that's a solid C on my scale

First 100 day

Obama's first 100 days here

Tuff you get what you ask for.

She wanted exclusivity and to be above the riff raff.  With that exclusivity come rules to keep us undesirables out.  Live with it.  See her complaining here.

In her own mind she'd made it.  But she hadn't and had overstretched in a big way.  She gets no sympathy from me.  You reap what you have sown.

Why does she have 2 condos in Buckhead it's not that big.  Can she not rent the one she is living in.  If neither of these are rent able the "why" question still stands.  It's not like you buy condos like you buy shoes "H'm that one will look good with my blue dress and that one with the red".

She also had the obligatory lake house also.  This has already been foreclosed on so implying that it was beyond her means.

My sympathy goes to the family that had  a home that was less than twice their family annual income.  Got laid off last year and have been living off their savings since than and are about to loose their home.  These people did nothing wrong and are paying the price for those that acted like the lady above.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Daily Specials

I get an email off Colorado Cyclists twice a week proclaming the latest specials.  Although they are a great shop (I bought my last bike from here) there is never anything special about these prices.

It's like walking into Armani shop and the cleark telling you it's a great deal only $1000 dollars for that $2000 sweater.  It's still a $1000 dollar sweater.  

Pimp that bike

When you have the trickest looking groupset in mountain biking what do you do.  Add colour.

You know I can feel my wallet pulsing in my back pocket.  The little voice I listen to most is whispering in my ear "Fuck it, buy it,  it's only money" the other little twerp is harping on about me not really needing it I've already got 2 sets and some rubbish about saving my money.  I know which one I'll end up listening to.  The only thing that will stop me pulling the trigger is the possibility that the newer shinier 10 speed xx groupset may be coming out soon.

I know there is a recession on and we are not supposed to spend money unless we have to.  We all need to save, save, save.   I know that it's not cool to spend frivolously but bollocks to that.  To a mountain biker these are Jimmy Choo cool.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Why ?????

I Keep getting about this and it is bugging the shit out of me.  Why the hell would you implement share point if you already have a lotus notes infrastructure.  Somebody in the it department wants sacking.  Either that or some upper management Muppet with an MBA is making strategic software purchases based on the fact that his mate has it so his company needs it.  Then again we know how susceptible some people can be to MS's shiny lights and trinket distribution marketing.

Integrating SharePoint with Lotus Notes: Achieving a Strategic

Rant over

Next year the web can drink!

Well actualy as the web is a brit it could drink 2 years ago and has probably been for years :)

Yes probably the greatest british invention (Tim Berners-Lee) te web is 20 to day.  that sit's on top of the other great invention we made work (Donald Davies) Packet Switching.  Yeah I was going to say the internet.

Happy birthday! and thanks for paying for my toys.

Thanks to Bill for reminding me

New Trails in NE of England

I'm loving the amount of top quality riding being buit newr my mothers home.  It looks like I'll have a load of new trails to play on next time I visit.

I'm online at last/again

Well after years of giving other people a comprehensive web presence I'm finally doing it for myself.  Yep Twitter, a blog and a web site.  

I've not a clue what the content is going to be but let's see where it goes.  As you can tell this is a well planned that was pulled out of my arse.  I feel like I'm back in that warm fuzzy place the dot com boom.

Me the client: I want a web site!
Me the developer: What would you like it to look like?
Me the client: :0
Me the developer: What content do you want it to display?
Me the client: Your the expert her's some money.

I'm going to use google apps and their web hosting offerings.  Firstly because it's free.  Well $10 to register your domian.  I like their stuff so far and they are going to take over the world so I might as well see what they are upto.

The lack of flexibility on the web site design is going to kill me but we'll see if I can get round that.  Everything you could need seems to be there though.  E-mail, Chat, Discussion forums, Doc's and the rest of the google sweet of apps accessable through your own domain.  Buisness IT infrastructure in a can.

I'll post my findings as I go along and you can keep track of my feeble online presence at the following addresss.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Blue Elephant Fighting

I love this article on the issues with big blue.  They have been around as long it's owned Lotus Notes.  I believe that IBM only bought notes to kill it and remove it from the market place so it could replace it with it's own product.

However the little bugger won't die and every few years IBM has to begrudgingly resuscitate it.  Every now and again it accidentally has spectacular success at this (8.5).  This leads it to do the only thing it can at this point.  Pretend it does not exist and don't tell anybody about it.

Anyway enjoy Bills Article Adieu, little yellow bubble

Hopefully he won't be gone forever from the yellow bubble or we'll be stuck with the yes men.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Hillton Hospital

I'm sat in a private room with the wife a Dekalb medical this morning and I'm shocked how much a hospital in the US looks like a hotel.  A nice hotel at that.  None of the sterile sanitarium styling of a UK hospital.  

None of the take a seat and well try to get to you before you die.  It's welcome let us show you to your room.  All our rooms have free wireless.  I wasn't sure if I should tip the nurse.

Admittedly the poor have to look on through the window but at least some of us are getting treated in a timely manner.  

If Barack achieves his aim of universal health care and it's at this level I'm going to check in and stay.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How do you know if your bored at work?

You check to see if your own blog has been updated :)

Welcome to blogging now it's over

Now the cool kids have moved on to twitter I can start blogging. I'm just giving this a try and don't think I'll have that much to say. If you know me you will think this strange as I always have something to say. If not for anything else it will give me somewhere to rant.

I have no plans for the content of the blog I just want to see where it goes. I'll probably be posting geek shit as that's what's expected of us professional geeks nowadays. To be honest there are some great guys out there putting some cool stuff out that have helped me immeasurably at work it's just I don't get that excited about it after 5:30 pm.

It's me so you know there will be loads of mountain bike related stuff going on here. I've been riding that long now mountain is part of what defines me.

OK let's see where this goes.