Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Welcome to blogging now it's over

Now the cool kids have moved on to twitter I can start blogging. I'm just giving this a try and don't think I'll have that much to say. If you know me you will think this strange as I always have something to say. If not for anything else it will give me somewhere to rant.

I have no plans for the content of the blog I just want to see where it goes. I'll probably be posting geek shit as that's what's expected of us professional geeks nowadays. To be honest there are some great guys out there putting some cool stuff out that have helped me immeasurably at work it's just I don't get that excited about it after 5:30 pm.

It's me so you know there will be loads of mountain bike related stuff going on here. I've been riding that long now mountain is part of what defines me.

OK let's see where this goes.


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