Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Got my Legs tore off by some XC Racers

Well last night was my first true cross country ride in a while.  I rode with the guys from Higher Ground Bikes.  A great bunch of guys but fast.  It was less tortoise and hare and more Cheetah and Elephant.  Them on their lightweight XC race sleds, Lycra and clipped in and me on the beast that is my SC Nomad, baggies and flat pedals.

Apart from almost giving myself a heart attack every time the Cheetah stoped the Elephant came rolling up.  I managed to roll into to the finish with the last of the racers.  Admittedly he was a roadie and a young lad but as an almost 40 fat git I'll take that.

A good night all in all and I'll definitely do it next week even if it may kill me :)

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