Monday, March 30, 2009

Development of a bike brand

Shedfire the as yet unnamed bike brand.  Well there has been a sneak peak at the logo but that's it.  The Brand is being built by Brant Richards. the guy responsible for On-One.  

He sold On-One last year and is now designing new bikes and starting a new bike company.  You can follow the development of the bikes on his blog.  The great part about this is you get the reasons for design elements strait from the horses mouth.  If you ask a question on why he has made a design decision he has probably thought of your solution and discounted it.

He's building a bike for him. a ti hard tail designed for big forks.  Also, a women's bike I'm guessing using his wife as a rider template.  They will be in the UK mold of do anything go anywhere last forever bikes that are what most of us really need.  Even though a lot of us get caught up in the light weight Xc bike thing and never race a day on it.

Enjoy the blog I am.

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  1. Hey Brially. Sorry - didn't find this post until I was vanity googling just then.

    Keep in touch.

    ps: the womens bike thing was a joke (for now).