Monday, March 16, 2009

Tuff you get what you ask for.

She wanted exclusivity and to be above the riff raff.  With that exclusivity come rules to keep us undesirables out.  Live with it.  See her complaining here.

In her own mind she'd made it.  But she hadn't and had overstretched in a big way.  She gets no sympathy from me.  You reap what you have sown.

Why does she have 2 condos in Buckhead it's not that big.  Can she not rent the one she is living in.  If neither of these are rent able the "why" question still stands.  It's not like you buy condos like you buy shoes "H'm that one will look good with my blue dress and that one with the red".

She also had the obligatory lake house also.  This has already been foreclosed on so implying that it was beyond her means.

My sympathy goes to the family that had  a home that was less than twice their family annual income.  Got laid off last year and have been living off their savings since than and are about to loose their home.  These people did nothing wrong and are paying the price for those that acted like the lady above.

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