Friday, March 13, 2009

Pimp that bike

When you have the trickest looking groupset in mountain biking what do you do.  Add colour.

You know I can feel my wallet pulsing in my back pocket.  The little voice I listen to most is whispering in my ear "Fuck it, buy it,  it's only money" the other little twerp is harping on about me not really needing it I've already got 2 sets and some rubbish about saving my money.  I know which one I'll end up listening to.  The only thing that will stop me pulling the trigger is the possibility that the newer shinier 10 speed xx groupset may be coming out soon.

I know there is a recession on and we are not supposed to spend money unless we have to.  We all need to save, save, save.   I know that it's not cool to spend frivolously but bollocks to that.  To a mountain biker these are Jimmy Choo cool.

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