Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm online at last/again

Well after years of giving other people a comprehensive web presence I'm finally doing it for myself.  Yep Twitter, a blog and a web site.  

I've not a clue what the content is going to be but let's see where it goes.  As you can tell this is a well planned that was pulled out of my arse.  I feel like I'm back in that warm fuzzy place the dot com boom.

Me the client: I want a web site!
Me the developer: What would you like it to look like?
Me the client: :0
Me the developer: What content do you want it to display?
Me the client: Your the expert her's some money.

I'm going to use google apps and their web hosting offerings.  Firstly because it's free.  Well $10 to register your domian.  I like their stuff so far and they are going to take over the world so I might as well see what they are upto.

The lack of flexibility on the web site design is going to kill me but we'll see if I can get round that.  Everything you could need seems to be there though.  E-mail, Chat, Discussion forums, Doc's and the rest of the google sweet of apps accessable through your own domain.  Buisness IT infrastructure in a can.

I'll post my findings as I go along and you can keep track of my feeble online presence at the following addresss.

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