Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Middle Aged Maddness

Well just over a week to go to my summer holidays and I'm buzzing. British Columbia, Canada is our destination. Whistler bike park and Vancouvers north shore are the main destinations. 7 Great mates, 11 days and the best mountain biking in the world. Sounds like a killer trip for a bunch of young lads living that summer to remember.

Well something like that, apart from the fact that the kid of the group is 29 and the rest of us are from the mid 30's to early 50's in age. It's billed as my 40th birthday trip, but I'd of given any designation just so I could of pulled the trip off. Also, instead of sleeping 7 to one room in a hotel we have rented a luxury apartment. That wage slave thing pays off.

While I'm on the trip I'm going to try and post daily video and picture updates and some blogs from the lift cutesy of the iPhone. Additionally I'm going to try and get some of the lads to post on their thoughts as a kind of running diary. The last time I tried a running diary was in the mid 90's on a mountain biking trip to Amsterdam. Don't ask!

I've been planning this trip since I got off the plane coming back last time, 3 years ago.

Mid life crisis? I don't think so just a continuation of a life spent doing stupid things on a bike :)

Here's a sample of what's in store for us:


  1. Yes, as the departure date approaches its becomes more and more difficult to stay calm. The best way for me to personally deal with anticipation anxiety is to ignore it, sometimes with the help of some good Bob Marley tunes. I just have to pretend we aren't really going, then it will be kind a surprise once we arrive. It will certainly be a trip to remember though because even though most of us have ridden Whistler before, none of us possessed the skill or knowledge to navigate the double black diamond trails. (Think extreme mountain dew commercials). Whistler does have trails for ALL skill levels, but if you aren't going to ride the real stuff you're wasting your money.
    The previous trip was an eye-opener to what is out there, but this trip will be ride-opener as I'm confident we'll be able to handle a lot of the very challenging but incredibly fun features Whistler is known for.
    Not long now....if we're really going.