Thursday, August 6, 2009

The last of the greatest generation

The last of Britain's greatest generation of soldiers has finally been laid to rest. More. Yes I know the term is usually used for WWII veterans but those that came before in WWI showed sacrifice and sense of duty on a scale hard to imagine.

They marched shoulder to shoulder in orderly line across no mans land by the thousands. Pipes and drums ringing in their ears they marched into withering machine gun fire. As their friend fell around them they kept on coming keeping their formation. 50,000 teenagers and young men dead before lunch. They didn't do it for a greater cause but a sense of duty to their country that hardly exists in Britain today.

All this at times in the face of incompetent and arrogant leadership given their rank due to their social position rather than leadership qualities. It was a massive waste of life playing in a chess game for dying monarchies but their bravery rose above that.

RIP Harry Patch and all your brothers in arms. The nightmares are over.

Lest We Forget


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  2. Great article I've just bought the song from here.

  3. fair play to Radiohead. I'm going to see them again at the end of the month. I hope they get an extra good reception for what they've done.