Monday, June 22, 2009

Can Society Justify Anything

It looks like nowadays that nobody can be held accountable for anything. In the latest case of someone beating an infant to death it's not his fault.

I don't care. One of the fundamental ideas of the legal system is to protect society from those that pose it harm. This teenager knew what he did was wrong or he would not of had the reaction he did. Even if he didn't he's a danger to those weaker than him and should be locked up.

If that had been my teenage son he would of happily gone to jail rather than face me. People today no longer have authority figures they fear either a parent, teacher or the law.

That fear of an authority figure is how army's around the world instill self discipline into young men at their most rebellious time of life. This discipline than enables these men to run into life threatening situations that every part of their being is telling them not to.

Even if you are morally bereft to the extent that you can do the most despicable things that fear can stop you.

For me those figures were foremost my Father, some teachers and then a procession of Sargent Majors. By the time I no longer feared these authority figures I had the self discipline to make the right choices myself.

Stop the excuses and start using consequences.

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