Thursday, June 25, 2009

Only mad dogs and Englishmen

Well I'm Finlay getting acclimatised to the summer down here in Florida.

There has been a heat wave on down here for the last week. In northern Florida that temperatures +/- 102°F/38°C with a heat index of +/- 114°F/45°C.

You guessed it daft arse here has been trying to ride in it every day. That's despite the locals being advised not to attempt exercise out side. Obviously I was aided by growing up in the hot and humid conditions in Teesside and the extra 30+ lbs of insulation I carry on my one pack abs. The only other thing I can credit with me being here writing this and not in hospital wired to a machine is my 6 months in the tropical weather of Aberdeen.

Long story short I thought the weather was going to assassinate me on a nightly basis.

Well the weather broke last night and I was flying. I hardly broke a sweat and rode twice as far in the same time.

What was this cool temperature you may ask? 94°F/34°C! Yep it was still hotter than a hookers knickers on a Saturday night and I thought and my body acted like it was cool.

It just goes to show that perception is relative. My mother was complaining that it was too hot and humid on Teesside this week 75°F/24°C. I'd of been wearing arm warmers if last night was anything to go by.

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  1. True Classic English style ala Robbie Ross.

    Remember his riding outfit of jeans, wooly jumber, knitted hat and DM's. Way ahead of his time !