Friday, April 17, 2009

The French and their hollidays.

I know the French are easy targets but they set themselves up.

I was about to buy something on e-bay the other day and the only place in the world I could find it was the French e-bay.  I took a pause just before I pulled the trigger on the item to make sure I was going to buy it and it wasn't just one of my many impulses.

On returning to the site guess what?  Yep the french seller had gone on Holiday. I got the message at the top of the screen.  Firstly, I didn't know you could set e-bay up to go on Holiday or is this just a feature for our industrious friends of the cheese eating variety.  Secondly, where in the world are you that you cannot access the Internet.

Need less to say if Piere does not get back from holiday by next week Adolf is getting the sale.

Here's a link to the page.

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