Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy St Georges Day

Happy St Georges day to those of you with the good grace to be born English.  No green beer or outlandish American party here for this one.  Which is good as I'd have to spend the whole day explaining to people that no they are not English because they went to London once.    

I'm glad we are finally getting to recognise our day.  The Scottish and Irish have been able to shout about themselves for years.  If we're doing it, it's been regarded as arrogant or even racist.  Fuck that I think we should shout.  Hell we have a lot to shout about, we did rule half the world you know ;)  We've given the world the industrial revolution, Evolution (Yes it is real bumb ass), The Web, and the cat scan among other things.

Yes we've been tw*ts in the past.  Hey you can't rule the world by being nice all the time.

I'm and avid English nationalist but also a fervent unionist as we are stronger together than apart.  As I've traveled the world I've realised how much alike the home nations are.  Americans may may be our cousins but the home nations are our brothers.   Brothers that will kick the crap out of each another after a few pints but brothers none the less.  You take the accent out of it and culturally we are virtually identical, a bunch of idiots that like a drink and a good time.  

I classify myself a Yorkshire man, English man and British subject in that order.  For that reason this day is mine.

Here's to England's Day
Happy St Georges day
God Save The Queen 

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